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Eager to exceed expectations in the realm of fashion ?


An expert learning condition perceived by the business specialists.


Increase functional experience and aptitudes in the field of web & Graphic.


Come learn the design forms of jewels utilizing wide range of tools
DreamZone has everything! Our specialized schools for Web and Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, and Photography together offer around 50 expert courses that suit students' one of a kind time and expertise needs.

Events on Highlight

  • LightZap

    DreamZone declares LightZap, a Facebook challenge for students everywhere throughout the nation. The challenge is an extraordinary open door for outstanding DreamZone students to exhibit their design ability by sharing it via networking media.

    Vibes 360°

    DreamZone's fashion show "Vibes 360° - Subsequent to making a pattern setting runway enchantment to the fabulous style explanations in each passing season, the re-dispatch of Vibes 360° is again going to get the best groundbreaking styles.


    A Student Film Festival to Encourage Young Film Makers. Anigra is held every year towards the year-end for DreamZone understudies across India who have selected Animation and Graphics courses.
  • Clapboard

    Clapboard is a Short Film Contest for open crowd. Dreamzone consistently attempts to bring the concealed ability of the individual and perceive the equivalent. This is an open door made for hopeful video and Short film creators.


    An incredible online stage for the individuals who are energetic to catch vital minutes and might want to feature their extraordinary photography ability to everybody.


    DigiDraw is the National Level Graphic Designer Competition. This event gives an opportunity to all the young Creative Minds to outshine and see their creative work being featured in web and get rewarded for the same.


  • Education at DreamZone is designed around understanding by offering the most exhaustive and powerful projects for students in interior designing, fashion design, jewelry design, and animation and graphics. We assist you with jump start your design career.
  • DreamZone School of Creative studies – where you can make your enthusiasm as a Profession. Consistently DreamZone presents a unimaginable stage for youthful makers like Aesthetics – An Interior Design Carnival, Anigra - a celebration of Short movies, Vibes 360 - a lead fashion exhibition to investigate their aptitudes.
  • Now make portfolios and view the portfolios of every DreamZone student in India. Login and Upload to start using. Get the app at Play Store

Creative Culture

Open Culture:

Students from each department ought to be able to talk with one another. This causes them to keep the correspondence lines open so individuals can learn and be motivated by one another.

The Big Fat Ideas:

Students figure out how to give and get input in a positive manner on incomplete work. Early analysis gives the opportunity to learn new things since it doesn't need to be faultless the first run through. Assurance that each division of design has the freedom and has the chance to remark.

Building Talent Groups:

Separate formal departments by making new ones with assistance of our occasions. Every one of our occasions are engaged to design and help students to take an interest in the occasions and workshop regardless to the kind of department.

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The Certificate Course in Photography will set out the establishment or develop existing information in the domain of still photography. Students can learn center ideas, for example: exposure, composition, light, camera type, lens type, and digital post-processing.
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