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Redefine designs and create our very own fashion statements!

Fashion Designing includes inquire about, investigation, experimentation, and disclosure with specialized capability. DreamZone offers courses in fashion designing for understudies to work out the way to develop and communicate their imagination. This encourages them build up an individual mark in making confirm designs.

Fashion Design is a blend of 60% design strategy and 40% imagination. Our curriculum incorporates fundamental design, design standards, design components, ideas, history, material, pattern making, hanging, garment development, embellishments, fashion illustration, fashion studio and design programming, fashion CAD programming, fashion the executives and marketing. Visitor addresses by industry specialists occur now and again to give important information to the understudies.

DreamZone assists understudy with accomplishing their fantasy by quickening their advantage specialized information as well as with perceived degrees, for example, Master Diploma, undeniable UG or PG in fashion designing.


Anybody keen on fashion designing can take up this course. Ideally understudies of tenth standard or more can without much of a stretch make a career out of this program.

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Backing 12 years of experience in the Creative Education Services, DreamZone Students get placement in top-notch companies with a good package


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